SaaS Marketing Workshop:

How to Convert Free SaaS Users Into Happily Paying Customers

Your SaaS product might have the sleekest, most gorgeous UI of all time. But during onboarding, if new users don’t experience the ‘final outcome’ they’re trying to achieve (aka, what they signed up to do in their own lives using your product)….your trial > paid conversion rates will remain miserably low.

That’s where Wes Bush comes in. Wes is the founder of Traffic is Currency, a boutique consultancy that specifically helps B2B SaaS companies adopt and optimize free trial or freemium models. (Wes also ran the Product-Led Summit earlier this year, featuring dozens of brilliant features, including our very own Gia!)

In this workshop, Wes shares his insights and advice for how to convert free SaaS users into happily paying customers — outlining various strategic and psychological techniques to ensure your customers are not only sticking with you and your product but also — just as important — that they’re happy 🙂

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Wesley Bush, Product-Led Growth Consultant at Traffic Is Currency

Wesley Bush is the founder of Traffic Is Currency, which specializes in helping SaaS businesses launch and optimize free trial and freemium models that (actually) make money.
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