SaaS Marketing Workshop:

The 3 Stages of Hiring a Happy & High-Performing Marketing Team

Hiring employees: such a zen, mellow process, right? One you only think about when you’ve got tons of free time on your hands, and not enough projects to fill your workday?

Ummmm… NO.

If you’ve ever needed to grow your marketing team (or if you’ll need to soon), we’re guessing you’re not exactly feeling zen right now. More realistically, your hair’s probably on fire, you’re pulling 12-hour workdays to get everything done….and you needed another employee, like, yesterday.

Luckily, Thinkific’s Director of People & Culture Tia Fomenoff is here to help make hiring your next marketer so. much. easier.

Tia’s sharing — in serious detail — the 3 stages of hiring a happy, high-performing marketing team. And she’s brought in resources galore: tools, templates, sample emails, you name it. (Be sure to grab more resources from Tia’s slides too!)

Watch The Workshop 👀

About The Workshop Host 👋

Tia Fomenoff, Director of People and Culture at Thinkific

Tia is a people-loving ambivert with small-town roots living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Having previously worked in marketing and customer success roles at high-growth tech companies Unbounce and Buffer, Tia is now the Director of People and Culture at Thinkific, where they’ve built a platform that allows anyone to create, market, and sell their own online courses. Outside of work, Tia can often be found volunteering for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, organizing local Tech Ladies® meetups, hiking with her husky, and consuming shocking amounts of cheese and charcuterie.
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