The key to differentiating your SaaS in a crowded market

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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

Forget The Funnel

You operate in a crowded market. How are you going to stand out? That's what Claire and Georgiana discuss on this week's episode of the Forget The Funnel podcast.

Differentiation is essential in helping cut through the noise and bring in more best-fit customers. Yet, many SaaS companies try to compete by obsessing over their competitors' strategies and messaging.

We can tell you from experience… it never works.

Drawing on real-world examples from their work with "" and "", Claire and Georgiana share practical advice on how to switch from being competitor-obsessed to customer-obsessed and unlock the differentiated value you can offer your customers.


  • What are the challenges of building a SaaS company in crowded and commoditized markets, especially regarding "me too" messaging and positioning?
  • How two SaaS teams went deep with their best-fit customers to uncover their differentiated value.
  • How did this new understanding impact their product messaging and acquisition strategies to stand out from competitors and win customers?

Key Moments

[2:07] Georgiana and Clare discuss how SaaS businesses often struggle to cut through the noise.

[5:10] Claire shares responses to a survey from Peep Leja, which showed that Saas businesses often have difficulty with differentiation.

[6:26] Claire talks through the example of a landscaping business that Forget The Funnel is currently working with, which was looking to redevelop its messaging while not risking a small window of seasonal sales opportunity.

[16:02] Georgiana speaks about the importance of focusing on what your customers want instead of what your competitors are doing.

[18:58] Claire shares another example of an international hiring company running an outbound sales strategy that looked the same as their competitors - and how they got close to their customers to understand that professional services were a key differentiator.

[31:23] Both Georgiana and Claire wrap up this episode by saying SaaS companies need clarification by thinking that developing robust and differentiated messaging is a marketing exercise when it's not.


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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

When it comes to growing multi-million dollar SaaS businesses, we’ve seen what works. Both separately and together, we've built best-in-class brands from the ground up and played key roles in revenue growth. While our background stories may differ — Gia’s a Canadian who’s been marketing since 2000; Claire’s an American whose marketing career began in 2012 — we’re united in wanting to support those growing SaaS companies, and to provide resources they need to step up as strategic leaders. You can learn more about us here.

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