Voice of Customer: The Practical Method for Using Your Customer's Words to Grow

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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

Forget The Funnel

We need to talk about voice of customer — because there’s been a misunderstanding.

Voice of customer isn’t just for huge companies. It’s also not an abstract, academic concept that’s too broad for teams to use. 

Done right, insights pulled from your customers' words are practical and actionable. And they can help your team make better business decisions day in and day out. 

Best of all, you don’t have to undertake a massive, endless research project to start using the words of your best customers, aka ‘voice of customer,’ to benefit your business. You can tap into both quick-win and in-depth methods to capture and leverage those insights to attract more great-fit customers.

Ready to take advantage of voice of customer? Listen to this episode of the Forget the Funnel podcast as Georgiana and Claire dive deep into why voice of customer matters, how you can (and should) apply it to your business, and the methods you can use to get started.


  • Common misconceptions about voice of customer and how it fits into the foundational understanding of your customers.
  • Methods for capturing voice of customer, including customer interviews, qualitative surveys, signup flows, social listening and other quick-win tactics.
  • Practical applications for voice of customer, from your homepage copy to product positioning and onboarding experiences.

Key moments:

1:12 - Claire begins by defining voice of customer, and Georgiana explains some misconceptions that might hold companies back from capturing and using it.

5:16 - Georgiana takes a “then and now” look at the voice of customer concept. She compares how the term was first used in 1993 to how it looks today, with practical daily applications in areas like marketing. 

8:38 - Georgiana explains how capturing voice of customer is part of foundational customer understanding. She also describes the output of those conversations: both high-level understanding and actual customer quotes.

12:05 - Claire asks Georgiana to share some methods for capturing voice of customer beyond customer interviews.

16:21 - Claire offers guidance on which methods to start with when gathering the voice of customer and the importance of knowing that your insights come from your best-fit customers.

21:51 - Georgiana speaks to the importance of recording and manually transcribing customer interviews — and why you shouldn’t use AI to transcribe for voice of customer.

24:27 - Georgiana and Claire share an example of a customer who gathered the voice of the customer through qualitative surveys. What they learned completely changed their messaging, which led to a 93% increase in product sign-ups.

30:39 - Voice of customer is versatile and applicable well beyond your website homepage. Georgiana closes out the episode by sharing the many applications for the voice of customer.


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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

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