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Long gone are the days when “content strategy” meant “churning out blog posts.”

Smart marketers know that “content” is a highly nuanced topic, since content touches every part of the business: it exposes your product to new people, guides those people to start a trial or make a purchase, nurtures them through the onboarding phase, and builds a relationship with them over time to turn them into happy, long-term customers.

In this section, you’ll learn how to plan a content strategy that yields the highest ROI for your company. That could mean writing blog posts…or it could mean focusing on completely different types of content — like sales collateral, targeted SEO pages, monthly webinars, etc.

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How to Build a SaaS Content Strategy Your Boss Will Love

Just taking the customer’s journey into account, the mindset we need to transition from thinking of the funnel to thinking through ‘what kind of content do I create for the entire customer journey?’ How can I create content to help people move from anonymous to known, from known to raw lead, from raw lead to qualified lead, from qualified lead to a customer?

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