Marketing Strategy Resources

Building a strong marketing strategy is about asking the right questions.

Most marketers ask questions like…

  • “Are Facebook ads a good channel for us?”
  • “Should we start a blog?”
  • “Do we need to ‘do SEO’?”
  • “What about paying for a booth at conferences?”

Unfortunately, these are the wrong questions — because we can’t tell you which marketing channel you should try. We simply don’t know enough about your business model, your customers, or your growth targets to have the answers.

Instead, our video workshops and resources will help you ask the right questions, so you can start making smarter decisions yourself — and finally develop a marketing strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

Check out our available workshops:

How to Build a SaaS Content Strategy Your Boss Will Love

Just taking the customer’s journey into account, the mindset we need to transition from thinking of the funnel to thinking through ‘what kind of content do I create for the entire customer journey?’ How can I create content to help people move from anonymous to known, from known to raw lead, from raw lead to qualified lead, from qualified lead to a customer?

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