Build a kickass SaaS marketing strategy. Be amazing at work.

You’re tired of running yourself ragged, doing the work of an entire marketing department alone. You know you should be thinking more strategically. But you’re so busy executing, there’s never time.

You're a marketer at a product-first tech company...

You may not have decades of SaaS experience under your belt, but you know this is your chance to build something from nothing.

But all that grit you’ve got isn’t making up for…

…the 13-hour workdays you’re pulling to get every little task done.

…the fact that other department leaders don’t take you as seriously as they take each other.

….your CEO urging you to try “growth hacks” you’re not confident will work.

You DO have what it takes to lead this department.

But without a mentor to offer feedback or help you focus, you secretly feel lost…and unsure of whether you’re using your time wisely, or wasting it in the weeds.

Sound familiar?

We’ve been there, too.

That’s why we started Forget the Funnel: a weekly series of free video workshops to help you get out of the weeds, think strategically, and be a more effective SaaS marketer.

"The sheer caliber of guests and knowledge shared in the FTF workshops is priceless. They have directly contributed to my career, rocketing me from a digital marketing strategist to CMO at a fintech startup, leading a team of business development and marketing professionals with short onboarding period and immediate impact. I highly recommend this series to any tech marketing professional, no matter your current career level."
Rachelle Houde

Workshops led by world-class marketers

Ross Simmonds

Content Strategist & Entrepreneur

Talia Wolf

CRO Expert & Keynote Speaker

Brian Reuter

Lifecycle Marketing at Zendesk

Nichole Elizabeth Demeré

SaaS Consultant

Joanna Wiebe

Founder of Copyhackers & Airstory

Michael Aagaard

CRO Expert & Keynote Speaker

Amy Ellis

Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Fullstory

Kevan Lee

Director of Marketing at Buffer

Ryan Engley

VP Product Marketing at Unbounce

April Dunford

Positioning Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Ty Magnin

Head of Marketing at Appcues

Asia Matos

Marketing Consultant & Founder DemandMaven

...and so many more

"Huge thumbs up on yesterday's workshop! As the sole product marketer in my org, it was extremely helpful to see how other organizations are tackling product marketing, and also very reassuring to know I'm not the only one out there struggling with some of these issues."
Madelyn Newman
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Your Workshop Hosts

Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana Laudi

Gia has been bringing brands, products and campaigns to life for 15 years. As an early employee and the VP of Marketing at Unbounce, she helped grow revenue by 900% in her first 3 years, scale her team from 1 to 35, and go from under $1M to $15.6M in ARR without any major funding. 

As a strategic advisor at her company A Better CX, she helps high-growth SaaS companies scale their marketing, invest in their team, and drive serious business results.

Claire Suellentrop

While serving as Director of Marketing and employee #2 at Calendly, Claire helped the product grow from a few thousand users to over 400k monthly users, with revenue climbing to millions in ARR.

She now runs Love Your Customers, where she helps high-growth SaaS companies get inside their customers' heads and increase conversions along their sales, marketing, and onboarding funnels.

we've worked with...

"I just watched the replay from yesterday's workshop, and I'll urge my CEO to watch it, too. It will help him understand exactly what I've been struggling to communicate for so long. I can't overstate how much I appreciate you sharing all of this."
Rally Stanoeva
Marketing Manager

Get free weekly advice to help you...

  • Think strategically about marketing & gain your CEO's trust
  • Start delegating work to tools, team members, and freelancers
  • Prove the value of your projects to other department heads
  • Hold confident, high-level conversations with company leaders

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