You're too smart for one-size-fits-all growth hacks & copycat best practices

There's no shortage of experts doling out growth strategies to anyone who'll listen. But they don't know your business. They don't know your product. And they certainly don't know your customers.

Spaghetti, meet wall.

You don't have time to waste copying strategies that worked for some other company, with some other product, in some completely different situation.

You need to take big swings that you feel confident in.

Meet Customer-Led Growth

The Customer-Led Growth Framework gives you the critical customer insight you need to build a strategic foundation, one that will drive impactful marketing, sales, product & success strategies, define your key performance indicators, and help scale a happy and high-performing team.


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You and your team will know exactly what to do to hit your next growth milestone. And you'll be armed with the plan & deliverables needed to actually make shit happen.

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Get the support in your corner you didn't know you needed

You DO have what it takes to become a SaaS leader who achieves meaningful results. We are here to help you calm the noise, find focus in the chaos, and feel confident you're taking the right steps to make an impact.

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Working with Claire & Gia was invaluable in identifying who our best customers are and how to reach and resonate with more of them. Customer-Led Growth doesn’t just give you rich customer insights, it provides you with actionable steps to take, critical changes to make, content and processes to improve—all geared to improving customer’s experience and increasing the value your product provides.

Rand Fishkin

Co-founder, SparkToro

I'm so proud of the results my team has achieved using the Customer-Led Growth Framework. They've uncovered customer insights that enabled me to align our marketing programs with the company's larger strategy, and to set ourselves up for sustainable success. We're now on track to raise a Pre-Series A round by the end of the month!

Farrah Fan

Prev. CMO, Curate

The conversations I have with exec decision makers are on a totally different scale now, thanks to CLG. This framework has given me the confidence and structure to help SaaS companies get value from operationalizing around the customer, not the product. Getting certified in CLG has truly elevated my approach as a growth strategist, and benefits my clients as a result.

Lucy Heskins

CLG Certified Consultant

Stop playing whack-a-mole with your growth strategy

Skip the time suck and take a smarter, more strategic, customer-led approach to growth.