We wrote the book on customer-led growth

Say goodbye to guesswork.

This book will teach you the systematic, repeatable method we use to help companies — like Sprout Social, FullStory, Wistia, Appcues, SparkToro, and many dozens more — calm the marketing chaos and hit ambitious revenue targets.

Taking a customer-focused approach to growth sounds like common sense—but there aren’t many resources that actually unpack the process of HOW to do it.

Forget The Funnel gives leaders a practical, step-by-step guide to building an impactful, informed growth strategy, and connecting the dots between strategy and their daily work. It also includes dozens of real-life case studies, examples, and concrete ideas you can move on the same day. A very high ROI book.

For many B2B SaaS companies, marketing is an ongoing struggle. It often goes like this: the person accountable for marketing and growth, whether the CEO or a dedicated marketing lead, tries everything they can think of to predictably drive new traffic, leads, and signups.

But still, revenue growth is...lumpy. Slow. Inconsistent. The arrow on the chart goes up and to the right some months, but other months, it dips. And no one can really say why.

If this sounds like a description of your day-to-day, please know: it’s not that the ideas or tactics you’re trying are bad or wrong. The real problem is, you’re guessing.

The information you actually need to fix inconsistent, unpredictable growth is found in one place: inside your best customers’ heads. This book will help you unlock it.

This book will show you exactly how to...

  • Learn from your best customers and turn data into insight
  • Map and measure your customer's experience
  • Find, and align on, your company's biggest levers for growth

We call this three-phase process the Customer-Led Growth Framework. It’s the systematic, repeatable method we use to help companies—of all sizes and at all stages of growth—calm the marketing chaos and hit ambitious revenue targets.

Part 1: Forgetting the Funnel

Why You Should Read this Book

Building Your Customer Led Team

Part 2: Getting Inside Your Customers' Heads

Learning from Customers

Learning from Future Customers

Identifying the Customer's Jobs-to-be-Done

Part 3: Mapping the Customer's Experience

Deconstructing the Customer Experience

Identifying Customer Led KPIs

Part 4: Operationalizing Your Customer Insights

Bridging Customers' Success Gaps

Integrating and Iterating Customer-Led Practices

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

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About the authors

Georgiana Laudi
Co-founder & CEO
Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana is strategic advisor, mentor, & speaker who's passionate about helping teams turn customer value into revenue-generating outcomes. Gia has been launching and building B2B and B2C brands online since 2000. In 2010, she began her track record as a marketing exec and product growth advisor working with successful high-growth recurring revenue startups, and never looked back.

Claire Suellentrop
Co-founder & COO
Claire Suellentrop

Since 2014, Claire has been helping SaaS companies go from pre-revenue to multi-millions in ARR by leveraging customer insights to fuel marketing & growth programs. She’s spoken internationally about the impact of taking a customer-led approach to business growth, delivering presentations and training workshops to audiences of bootstrapped founders, VC-backed teams, and enterprise executives.