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A Growth Sprint will help you understand exactly who the best customers are for your B2B SaaS – and how to get more of them – in just five weeks.

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We help launch, build & grow amazing SaaS brands:

Take your SaaS growth strategy from scattered to scalable

Do you know why your best customers choose you? If your answer is ‘I think so,’ – we hate to break it to you, you don’t. Time and time again, we see SaaS founders and their teams face the same problems.

  • Messaging and marketing aren’t landing, but you’re lost on how to position your company in the market and cut through the noise.
  • There’s a ton of potential growth strategies you could implement, but you don’t know where to focus or what to prioritize.
  • The customer journey is leaky AF. You’re seeing low (or slow) signups, free-to-paid conversions or worrisome churn.
  • Customers are a mystery. You’re not sure which segments have the highest growth potential or how to attract, engage or expand more of them.

You’ve tried to tackle things on your own. But if you’re honest, you don’t know what you don’t know – so all you’ve gotten is unpredictable and unscalable growth.

We turn customer insights into actionable growth tactics

Tired of trial-and-error tactics and ready for scalable, predictable, customer-led growth? Our Growth Sprint is a rapid application of our Customer-Led Growth framework for your business. 

By the end of our five weeks together, you’ll get:

  • Rich customer insights, so you can more effectively communicate what you do and the value you provide to your best customers.
  • Fresh, expert perspectives that will help you uncover opportunities you might’ve missed on your own and see your business in a new light.
  • A measurable and actionable growth plan, and all the intel and tools needed to hit the ground running post-sprint.

Don't take our word for it

We’ve helped countless SaaS founders get their marketing and messaging on track.

Working with Claire & Gia was invaluable in identifying who our best customers are and how to reach and resonate with more of them.

Working with them doesn’t just give you rich customer insights. It provides you with actionable steps to take, critical changes to make, content, and processes to improve—all geared to improving customer’s experience and increasing the value your product provides.

Rand Fishkin

Co-founder, SparkToro

I would 110% recommend working with the Forget the Funnel team. I've already recommended them to a few other founders!

This team does a deep dive into your company and establishes all the opportunities you’re currently leaving on the table. Their expertise has brought so much value to us already – and we haven't even finished implementing all their recommendations yet.

Sarah Boland

Founder & CEO, Life Lapse

Done-For-You meets Done-With-You

DIY-ing your SaaS growth strategy can be a long road filled with dead ends and false starts. 

Done-For-You growth strategies save you time but can be tough to execute. 

Done-With-You offers give you and your team the knowledge and direction to lead your marketing confidently but are often very one-size-fits-all. 

What sets Forget The Funnel’s Growth Sprint apart from all the other growth marketing programs and agencies out there is our Done-For-You meets Done-With-You Approach.

We do all the customer research and analysis for you.We workshop solutions with you. And we build enablement tools for you.This blended method is perfect for growing teams that want to learn the marketing ropes, but also move quickly.

Why a Growth Sprint?

Strategic and Actionable
You don’t just need a growth strategy but a consistent and repeatable system. Every Growth Sprint includes custom and detailed enablement materials so your team can hit the ground running the next day, roadblock free.

New Perspectives
When you’re so close to your product, it's tough to see what you could do differently. Be it a new pricing model, target customer, or shift in positioning. You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on your business that could unlock otherwise missed growth opportunities

Efficient Process
Conducting customer research on your own can take months. We’ve distilled our process down to just five weeks. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not when you have a tight process, proven framework, and a team with 25+ years of SaaS marketing experience on your side. 

Proprietary Framework
Our Customer-Led Growth Framework is used with leading SaaS companies to help them achieve reliable, revenue-generating outcomes. Applying it to your business will pinpoint what your best customers value most about your product, so you can help them realize that value fast and for the long-term

How it Works

The 3 steps of our 5-week Growth Sprints:

  • For 4 weeks, our team goes heads down, learning from your best customers. We’ll pull apart the findings, codify them, and build an in-depth insights package for you. 
  • During week 5, we’ll come together for a team workshop. We’ll share our findings with you and align on your biggest growth opportunities
  • After the workshop, we finalize your growth strategy and custom deliverables and meet one last time to hand off the work and prepare you to execute.

NOTE: If you’d like to keep working with us post-sprint, we offer monthly advisory & support as an optional follow-on engagement. This includes a monthly deep dive session and asynchronous support.

Deliverables are always unique to your product, customers and team’s needs:

  1. A decisive growth strategy and implementation plan that clarifies the exact, step-by-step actions your team needs to execute within the next 3-6 months (including access to top-notch specialists, consultants, and advisors if required)
  2. A clear and actionable messaging guide to steer the updating of materials like your website, marketing assets, and customer lifecycle communications
  3. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and a customer experience map that works as a simple, repeatable framework for you and your team to measure your success against and operationalize over time as your company scales
  4. Deep customer insight — including your highest-value customers' Jobs-to-be-Done, and a repository of voice-of-customer data to inform everything from more resonant copywriting to future growth experiment brainstorming
1: Insights
Phase 1 consists of 4 weeks of data gathering and analysis. We get up-to-speed on your business, goals and customers, parse the customer data, and audit your current customer experience.
2: Workshop
Phase 2 begins in week 5. During two half-day workshops with your team, we’ll review the insights we’ve gathered, align with you on your highest-priority customers, identify and deep dive into your biggest growth opportunities.
3: Hand-Off
Following the workshop, our team will go heads-down to capture your growth strategy and finalize deliverables. Then we’ll meet one last time to hand-off the materials and go over next steps for implementation.

The deliverables were really strong. The summary of the research was informative. These resources are especially helpful as we rapidly bring on new team members.

Jeremy Stanley

Founder & CTO, Anomalo

I was so impressed at the FTF team’s understanding of our product, and their ability to have meaningful, nuanced discussion about what’s best for our business

Their experience and dedication to making recommendations based on data gave us so much confidence.

Emily Castles

CTO, Boundless

I'm impressed with the depth of analysis and the data that was presented. We respect people with strong points of view, particularly when those points of view are backed by data.

Lav Crnobrnja

CEO, Vacation Tracker

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