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When there are countless growth levers your team could pull, knowing where to focus is really f*cking hard

Your company may have gotten this far with copycat, piecemeal growth tactics — but to reach your next big milestone, you'll need to graduate.

To make the greatest impact possible, your team needs a strategy tailored to your business, your ideal customers, and your product vision.

Your team needs a Growth Sprint.

What is a Growth Sprint and how does it work?

Growth Sprints are our signature way of working with companies directly to set them on track for high-impact, sustainable, customer-led growth.

A Growth Sprint runs 6-8 weeks, starts at $15k USD, and involves three major steps:

Step 1: Data Gathering
Customer Led Growth Part 1 lessons
Step 2: Analysis
Customer Led Growth Part 1 lessons
Step 3: Strategy Development
Customer Led Growth Part 1 lessons
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Working with Claire & Gia was invaluable in identifying who our best customers are and how to reach and resonate with more of them. Customer-Led Growth doesn’t just give you rich customer insights, it provides you with actionable steps to take, critical changes to make, content and processes to improve—all geared to improving customer’s experience and increasing the value your product provides.

Rand Fishkin

Co-founder, SparkToro

I reached out to Claire because with Death To Stock, we had a lot of different types of customers who engaged with us in different ways. So we were feeling split: pulled in many different directions without clarity on where to focus. After going through Claire's customer research process, we could clearly see...

The 3 types of customers who used our product, what they cared bout, and what they were actually interested in purchasing.

The priorities of our best customers, and how we could better communicate the ways Death To Stock helps with those priorities.

Ideas for new messaging and copy, which would go on to help us with conversion rates and overall marketing strategy.

She is a powerhouse for companies trying to get to that "next milestone" — she'll make you money, while saving you the time of trying to figure out how to do it.

David Sherry

Founder, Death To Stock

I needed to add strategic marketing wisdom to our team. I wanted to grow our sales, and to have a partner with whom I could discuss marketing at a strategic level. I didn't know what I didn't know, and I wanted someone who had been through this before.

Gia quickly sized up Tiller and started adding value. She accelerated my own learning curve, helped us hire our marketing lead, and made an outsize impact.

Gia also surprised us with the added value she delivered in customer success and helping to develop a company strategy. I'd definitely recommend working with Gia, she is quick to add value and will accelerate your marketing smarts. And she's fun to boot!

Peter Polson

Founder, Tiller

We hired Claire for customer research, and I wish we’d hired her years earlier! She would’ve saved us so much time — not only on figuring out what activities to pursue in our marketing, but also on understanding who our real ‘power users’ are, and what actually sets us apart from competitors (in our customers' eyes, not ours).

Some of the insights she gathered confirmed a few of our internal hunches — but before working with her, we lacked the bandwidth and process to confirm or deny those hunches, so we were making a lot of decisions in the dark. Other insights she gathered were completely new to us.

Now, we’re experimenting with messaging based on words straight from our customers’ mouths, and we’re brainstorming marketing campaigns with more confidence than ever before. Overall, the insights Claire delivered brought our entire team closer to our customers.

Laura Roeder

Founder & CEO, MeetEdgar

So what does my team get? What are the deliverables?

High-level strategy is worthless without strong execution. That's why our goal by the end of a Growth Sprint is to ensure your team has everything they need to take action.

Exact deliverables are always customized to your unique situation — but our standards include:

  1. A decisive growth strategy and implementation plan that clarify the exact, step-by-step actions your team needs to execute on within the next 3-6 months (including access to top-notch specialists, consultants and advisors if needed)
  2. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and a customer experience map that work as a simple, repeatable framework for you and your team to measure your success against and operationalize over time as your company scales
  3. A clear value proposition and messaging guide to steer the updating of materials like your website, marketing assets, and customer lifecycle communications
  4. Deep customer insight — including your highest-value customers' Jobs-to-be-Done, and a repository of voice-of-customer data to inform everything from more resonant copywriting to future growth experiment brainstorming

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A Growth Sprint runs 6-8 weeks and start at $15k USD. We're typically booked out a minimum of 3 months in advance, so don't wait to reach out.

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