SaaS Marketing Workshop:

Marketing-as-a-Product: What SaaS Marketers Can Learn from PMs and UX Designers

As SaaS becomes an ever-more-crowded space, how can marketers ensure their products stand out in a sea of noisy, ‘growth-hacky’ tactics?

The answer may lie in re-thinking how you think about marketing.

In this workshop, Margaret Kelsey, Brand & Content Marketing Team Lead at Appcues, takes tried-and-true concepts from the Product Management & UX Design side of the house and reapplies them to marketing — thus, the introduction of Marketing-as-a-Product.

Just as the best products are a joy to use, Margaret shares product design frameworks that marketers can borrow, to make their marketing campaigns & content a joy to read, watch, & share.

In Margaret’s workshop, you’ll learn…

  • How to improve the ‘UX’ of your marketing
  • How to find ‘marketing-market fit’ for your product
  • Why ‘user-inclusivity’ is so important

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Margaret Kelsey, Brand and Content Marketing at Appcues

Margaret leads the brand and content team at Appcues—a B2B SaaS solution for product people and wonderful teams to get the opportunity to lead. She also creates, strategizes, and scales community-driven content marketing programs—and teams—for early- to mid-stage B2B SaaS companies.

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