SaaS Marketing Workshop:

The SaaS Marketer’s Guide to Writing Big Content Fast

If there’s anyone who’s an expert on creating “big content” (ebooks, ultimate guides, etc), it’s Joanna Wiebe.

And if there’s anyone whose personal process + template you’d want to steal, so you can shave hours off the content creation process…it’s definitely Joanna Wiebe.

Check out Joanna’s nontraditional – but super effective! – approach to creating big content fast, then go snag the template she generously shared with Forget The Funnel subscribers. This template is free, but only for a limited time, and only for you (the rest of the world’s gotta pay for it).

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Joanna Wiebe, Founder of Airstory & Copy Hackers

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe is the co-founder of Airstory writing software, and the founder of Copy Hackers, where startups learn to convert like mofos. She’s been invited to teach copywriting and content on 100+ international audiences, and she’s optimized the messages of fine companies like Wistia, Buffer, CrazyEgg, MetaLab, Bounce Exchange and Tesco.

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