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So many of us at fast-growing tech companies run into the same fundamental problems: We lack guidance and mentorship, we get ‘stuck in the weeds’ of execution, and we struggle to truly think strategically. Forget The Funnel helps ⚡

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Forget The Funnel is a collection of resources and tools that help marketers and growth leaders in tech become indispensable. We help you to think more strategically, develop growth plans that directly impact revenue, and lead your team with confidence.

Georgiana Laudi
Georgiana Laudi
Claire Suellentrop
Claire Suellentrop

As two veterans of the high-growth startup life, we’re intimately familiar with the pressures of working at near breakneck speed. We know firsthand how pivotal marketing is in generating early demand. And we know the additional challenges that come with being one of the few non-technical people at a tech company.

As the former VP of Marketing at Unbounce & Director of Marketing at Calendly, and now as  growth advisors, our experience spans many dozens of SaaS companies — from founders ready to hire their very first marketer, to organizations with hundreds of employees aligning departments around revenue growth. 

During our combined 15 years in SaaS we’ve been trusted by best-in-class companies including:

Thousands of marketers tune in to our weekly workshops (and say really nice things 💛)

Gia and Claire's advice is incredible, and they've built such a great community around Forget The Funnel. Even though I can't make the live sessions most weeks, I love watching the recordings. One of the best resources I've ever found for SaaS marketing (great for beginners and old hands looking for new ideas).
Siobhan O'Rorke
Marketing Manager
Claire and Georgiana truly care about helping marketers to think about strategy first and win at their job. They love what they do and it transpires in everything they do.
Louis Grenier
Content Lead
Forget the Funnel fills in the gaps for marketers and makes *actual sense* out of some of the seemingly trickier pieces of our jobs. Plus, the length of each episode and the regularity of the events make it an easy win for my calendar and my attention span.
Val Geisler
Email Marketing Expert
Marketing advice is too often full of fluff and BS tactics that might have worked for one person/company but doesn't really apply to you. Claire and Gia have done a great job of helping us realize there's no magic silver bullet, but a series of processes, decisions, and focus instead.
Kamil Rextin
Demand Gen & Growth Consultant

Get out of the weeds, think more strategically, and be a more effective SaaS marketing & growth leader.

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