SaaS Marketing Workshop:

Boost Your SaaS Product With a Community That Grows Itself

If anyone could be considered a community-building expert, it’s definitely our friend Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré.

Not only has she played an instrumental part in growing the famed Inbound.org and Product Hunt communities…she also now maintains several of her own thriving Slack and Facebook communities for SaaS marketers and founders.

As members of some of Nichole’s online communities ourselves, we can attest: they’re the most positive, engaged, and fast-growing online spaces for SaaS folks to hang out, learn from each other, and form new friendships.

If you’ve considered starting a community as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll 100% want to hear Nichole’s process.

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, SaaS Consultant

Nichole works on Community Growth at Zest.is and is also a Moderator at Product Hunt, GrowthHackers.com, and SaaS.Community and a Quurator at Quuu. She was even a Product Hunt “Maker of the Year” Nominee in 2015. As a SaaS Consultant, she takes startups from problem/solution fit to product/market fit, all the way through growth marketing and scalable customer development. Her special skills include quick diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in SaaS companies and strategizing ways to improve retention and strengthen brands. Watch out, Nichole is writing a book about Saas!
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