SaaS Marketing Workshop:

Influence without Authority: Grassroots Tactics to Help SaaS Marketers Work Across Teams

Alex Birkett has driven marketing at tech (and tech-adjacent) companies of all sizes: from small & scrappy teams, to large, complex organizations like HubSpot, where he’s currently a Sr. Growth Marketing Manager.

Along the way, he’s learned a lot about how to move projects forward – even when your team members on a project report up to a different manager than you, or have their own priorities in mind (that don’t quite match yours).

Thankfully, Alex is sharing 7 lessons he’s learned from his marketing roles at 3 different companies, on building the influence needed to get sh*t done, even when you don’t have full authority.

By the end of his workshop, you’ll walk away with actionable tactics to help you push more of your cross-functional projects across the finish line, more successfully (and have more fun with your team in the process).

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Alex Birkett, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot

Alex is the Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot, focusing specifically on freemium acquisition strategy. Previously, he was the Growth Marketing Manager at ConversionXL. Though his experience is varied, Alex truly excels when it comes to growth strategy, data analysis, experimental design, and search engine optimization.
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