SaaS Marketing Workshop:

Is Public Speaking a Viable Growth Strategy for Your Saas Company?

In this workshop, we’re discussing a marketing channel that’s less common for SaaS companies: public speaking.

Of course, speaking at industry events and conferences is undoubtedly great for consultants, and/or marketers trying to build their personal brand…but could it be viable for your SaaS business, as well?

There’s no better person to find out from than Michael Aagaard, who’s spent the past 8 years building his speaking career on behalf of SaaS brands and his own CRO consultancy.

In this workshop, Michael will help you evaluate whether public speaking is worth considering as a growth channel for your SaaS — and he’ll share some do’s and don’ts he’s learned firsthand over the years.

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Michael Aagaard, CRO Consultant & Speaking Coach

Michael became obsessed with online marketing & conversion optimization in 2008. He was then a self-employed CRO consultant (with brief agency stints) helping businesses internationally and across verticals. He has since presented at conferences in 11 different countries, and has keynoted at some of the largest online marketing events in the world.

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