The Power of Purpose-Driven Personas

August 15, 2018

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Alaura Weaver

Product Marketing Content Writer at Total Expert

Raise your hand if you have customer personas like Manager Mary, or New Grad Greg, lying around...but they're so flat, no one uses them ✋

Or, raise your hand if you don't have customer personas at all ✋

Did your hand go up?

If so, this workshop with Alaura Weaver will be GOLD for you.

Alaura's a copywriter & content strategist for SaaS companies, and the customer personas she creates for her clients generate crazy results.

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Alaura Weaver

Alaura Weaver's SaaS marketing journey began when she realized that many businesses were treating their customers like numbers instead of human beings. She's now on a mission to help SaaS founders and marketing teams speak Human with story-based copywriting and content strategy.

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