How SaaS Leaders Can Cultivate and Maintain Customer Empathy at Scale

October 17, 2018

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Ashley Greene

CEO of the Instratify Group

Some hard truths about the state of marketing in 2018 (almost 2019):

CAC is rising.
Customer satisfaction is falling.
Buyer power is at an all-time high.

So how can you get ahead when it's getting ever-more expensive to do so....and when the customers you attract are less likely than ever to stick around?

You've got to create empathy for your customers, and maintain that empathy company-wide.

Now, if you're thinking ugh, but what does "creating empathy" even mean?...Ashley Greene (Founder & CEO of Instratify) is here to tell you: it's more than just a fluffy, feel-good phrase.

It's an actual process your team can implement and grow over time - whether you're a 5-person company or a 500-person company - to gain an edge on the competition.

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Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is the CEO & Founder of Instratify — the user research + customer-driven growth consultancy for the world's most innovative companies. Ashley works with clients ranging from the Fortune 500 sector to VC-backed tech startups, teaches at one of Canada’s largest accelerator programs, and writes + speaks regularly (her name has appeared in places like HuffPo, Foundr, and on the speakers’ list of MozCon).

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