SaaS Marketing Workshop:

The Dinner Party Strategy: SaaS Email Marketing for Real Humans

In the chaos of doing “all the things” for your marketing department, writing a top-notch onboarding email campaign (or optimizing your existing one) can feel more like a “nice to have” than a “need to have.”

But Val’s workshop makes a super-strong case for putting some time & thought into those emails. After all, increasing your trial-to-customer conversion rate means better ROI on all your pre-signup marketing efforts – and who doesn’t want that? 😎

In this workshop, you’ll learn…

  • A simple framework for your email marketing
  • What kind of subject lines you should use
  • How to style your emails so people actually read them
  • How to avoid the dreaded spam folder

Watch The Workshop 👇

About The Workshop Host 👋

Val Geisler, Email Conversion Copywriter & Digital Strategist at ValGeisler.com

Val works with brands that focus on Monthly Recurring Revenue. This email geek writes weekly unabashed onboarding sequence tear-downs. She uses the power of email to ensure 3 things: (1) Casual visitors are converted to happy customers; (2) A steady stream of revenue is generated every month, week, and day; and (3) Customer retention goes up and churn goes down. Val helps B2C businesses do big things by increasing trial conversions and reducing churn. The last onboarding emails she re-wrote saw a 209% increase in conversions. No joke! As per Val, “It moves the needle in ways you can see immediately.”
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