SaaS Marketing Workshop:

Live Saas Marketing Q&a Replay for February 2018

We’re so excited Season 2 has finally kicked off! 🎉 We shared a great conversation yesterday, and tackled the following topics (and more) during our monthly AMA:
How to frame a SaaS marketing strategy from the ground up, amidst tons of advice and content on the internet
How to track the effects of your blog posts/guides/webinars/etc, and the health of the customers who engage with them
How to approach your CEO about stepping into a Director of Marketing role
Where to draw the line between being on brand vs growth experiments, or trying crazy things

Watch The Workshop 👇

About The Workshop Hosts 👋

Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana has been working with SaaS companies like Unbounce, Appcues and Sprout Social since 2009. She’s been launching and building B2B and B2C brands online since Y2K was a thing. In three years, she built a team that grew revenue 900% and 14th on the Deloitte Fast50, without any major funding.

Having scaled marketing teams from a founder run blog to 35 strong, she loves helping ambitious managers grow into great leaders, and empowering teams to build high-impact, cross-functional solutions for growth.

Claire Suellentrop

Claire Suellentrop

Claire helps B2B and B2C SaaS companies like Wistia, FullStory, Edgar, and Death to the Stock Photo get out of the “echo chamber” and inside their best customers’ heads. She’s spoken internationally about the impact of customer research, and her methods have generated record-breaking email open rates, click-through rates, and new user signups.

She loves helping teams develop greater empathy for their customers, and find marketing messages that create stronger connections (aka: higher conversions).

Together, Gia and Claire run Forget The Funnel where they help SaaS marketers be more effective with free weekly workshops like these 👆 and in-depth training like this 👉

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