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Our mission at Forget The Funnel is to help tech marketers be amazing at their jobs.

Our weekly SaaS marketing workshops often feature guests who are experts of a single marketing channel — however, we’re not biased toward just one channel, and we’re not going to tell you which marketing tactic you should try.

Instead, our goal is to give marketers a framework for making smarter decisions themselves. This means learning to evaluate their own company’s business model, industry, customers, and stage of growth — then using that information to decide which channels and tactics make sense for their company’s situation and goals.

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SaaS Marketing Strategy

Building a strong SaaS marketing strategy is about understanding business goals, then choosing marketing channels and tactics based on those goals.

Learn how to quit throwing random tactics at the wall and waiting to see what sticks — so you can finally develop a smart marketing strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

Leadership & Career Development

When it comes to career growth, developing strong marketing skills is only half the battle.

Build the leadership and relationship management skills necessary to earn more trust from your boss, get buy-in on your ideas, and run an effective marketing department.

Analytics & Tracking

What metrics should a SaaS marketer track? Which analytics tools are best for tracking progress? How can a SaaS marketer make sense of all the data available?

Learn which business metrics are most important for your company, which should be included on a marketer’s “perfect” analytics dashboard, and what you can safely ignore. 

Content Strategy

Long gone are the days when “SaaS content strategy” meant “churning out blog posts.” Instead, smart marketers know that “content” is a highly nuanced topic, since content touches every part of the business. 

Learn how to plan a content strategy that yields the highest ROI for your company.

Email & Customer Onboarding

Year after year, email continues to be one of the highest-ROI marketing channels available — not just for SaaS companies, but for companies of all models, across countless industries.

Learn to plan email marketing & customer onboarding campaigns based on your ideal customers’ deepest needs, and strategically generate & close more leads month over month.

Community Development

Creating & growing a community around your SaaS product packs a 1-2 (sometimes even a 1-2-3, or 1-2-3-4!) marketing punch. An engaged community brings customers together, creates word-of-mouth awareness, and can even reduce churn.

Learn how to evaluate whether community development is a worthwhile channel for your SaaS product, and how to plan + nurture your community over time.

Marketing Optimization

Maybe you’ve already got your SaaS marketing fundamentals in place: you’ve launched a basic website, you’re publishing content regularly, and you’re running ads to a few landing pages.

Learn how your SaaS company can get started with conversion rate optimization, and start boosting conversions across existing marketing efforts — even if your team is completely new to the practice.

Product Marketing

SaaS product marketing sits in the sweet spot between product, sales, and…marketing! This means it’s a part of marketing that can make a huge impact — but it’s also difficult to define, since it looks different for every company.

Learn what sets product marketing apart from traditional marketing, and what product marketing resources are most important to have in place before focusing on top-of-funnel awareness or customer acquisition marketing.

Customer Marketing

SaaS marketing isn’t all about top-of-funnel awareness and acquisition. After all, attracting a new customer can cost 5x more than retaining and up-selling an existing one. 

Learn how to leverage the customers you already have, and to nurture them appropriately — so that a greater percentage of customers actually adopt + expand their usage of your SaaS product.

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