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The SaaS Marketing & Growth Training Program

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The doors to our training program are currently closed.

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Get the skills, tools, and support you need to:

Build deeper trust & respect with your stakeholders

Wish your boss would quit moving the goalposts, piling more tactics on your plate, and constantly pestering you for status updates? You’ll start building your authority within the first week.

Feel confident & clear in your decisions

You don’t need anyone (including us) throwing more marketing tactics at you. Instead, you’ll learn to evaluate which tactics will move the needle for your company, and which you can safely table for later.

Think strategically & be more effective

It’s impossible to build a marketing strategy without clearly defining “success.” You’ll learn how to identify your company’s current goals, then choose which KPIs marketing should focus on to help reach those goals.

Create healthy relationships with fellow department leaders​

At some point, you’ll need your co-workers’ support to prove the worth of your ideas. Learn how to get on your colleagues’ good sides — so when you eventually need a vote of confidence, you’ll have allies you can count on.

Whether you’re just getting started in marketing, or you’ve got years of experience under your belt (but SaaS is new territory for you), one thing should be clear by now: you are NOT a short-order cook. SaaS Marketer Essentials will empower you do so much more than simply execute on someone else’s vision…

About the instructors

Get comprehensive training from SaaS marketers who've been there

Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana has been working with SaaS companies like Unbounce, Appcues and Sprout Social since 2009. She’s been launching and building B2B and B2C brands online since Y2K was a thing. In three years, she built a team that grew revenue 900% and 14th on the Deloitte Fast50, without any major funding.

Having scaled marketing teams from a founder run blog to 35 strong, she loves helping ambitious managers grow into great leaders, and empowering teams to build high-impact, cross-functional solutions for growth.

Claire Suellentrop

Claire Suellentrop

Claire helps B2B and B2C SaaS companies like Wistia, FullStory, Edgar, and Death to the Stock Photo get out of the “echo chamber” and inside their best customers’ heads. She’s spoken internationally about the impact of customer research, and her methods have generated record-breaking email open rates, click-through rates, and new user signups.

She loves helping teams develop greater empathy for their customers, and find marketing messages that create stronger connections (aka: higher conversions).

Gia and Claire have worked with dozens
of fast-growing SaaS companies, including:

Gia was integral to a period of growth that helped define Unbounce as a leader in our market. Her drive, dedication, attention to quality (and the details that matter), and general influence had such a significant impact on our business.”

Carter Gilchrist

Chief Product Officer


“Claire’s expertise in marketing is so valuable. Bringing her on was like having an extremely experienced person join our team, but without the distractions and overhead of a full time hire.”

Amy Ellis

Head of Marketing & Partnerships


The SaaS Marketer Essentials Program

This SaaS marketing training is a fully online go-at-your-own-pace program. Upon enrollment, you get immediate lifetime access to 12 in-depth modules, where we guide you step-by-step through the process of building an airtight marketing strategy. 

Each module includes:

  • A 30-60 minute video lesson, viewable at your own pace
  • Downloadable slides for reference as you work
  • Actionable homework & next steps
  • All the detailed strategic documents, worksheets, and templates we use — both at our previous in-house roles, and now with our SaaS clients
Lucy Heskins
Head of Product and Marketing, Careercake

"I'm loving gathering feedback from customers & leads. Not only is it informing marketing, but it's adapting our actual product UX and features, too!"

Brad Tollefsen
Team Lead, Hootsuite

"I got a promotion to 'Team Lead' for Web Growth! My first action is to get our team set up on OKRs."

What students are saying...

Laura Curk
Senior Marketing Manager, Hockeystick

"I've been officially brought into senior staff meetings, and even upgraded my title."​

I joined my company as the only marketing employee. There were no senior staff members who could train me, and I was just getting up to speed on the world of SaaS in general. I was struggling to develop a high-level marketing strategy, communicate with the engineering team, and get buy-in.

Now, I have more confidence than ever in my ability to be a leader – and other people see it, too. My boss trusts that I’m getting the job done, and I no longer need to confirm all my work. I’ve been officially brought into senior staff meetings, and even upgraded my title 🙂

Meg Vander Woude
Marketing & Communications Manager, Bridgit

"We're on track to reach our goals!"

Before SaaS Marketer Essentials, I was so overwhelmed. This is my first time leading a marketing team, and I’d been tasked with rebranding, creating new product messaging, and building a completely new site. Plus, I’m under a lot of pressure to increase the revenue that Marketing creates. I needed guidance, or some sort of plan, on how to tackle everything.

SaaS Marketer Essentials helped me build a strong foundation to expand our lead gen and nurture programs, and it helped me build trust with our leadership team.

Now, we’re on track to reach our website launch goal, we have messaging that matches what our product *really* does for people, and I’ve been able to create brand guidelines that everyone in leadership actually agrees on!

Janet Choi​
Director of Marketing, Customer.io

"I got my promotion to Director of Marketing!"​

Before SME, I’d been feeling a lack of someone/somewhere to go for advice and mentorship about SaaS marketing strategy. I wasn’t going to get it from my CEO, who didn’t have time or expertise to think about marketing needs. And it’s really hard to find good information online – there’s so much crap content out there.

SME gave me a toolkit of systems and processes to help me set the foundation of our marketing. The group setting made me feel less alone, and I gained more confidence and a more realistic sense of my strengths and weaknesses. I hadn’t realized before that I was being too hard on myself – that was transformative.

Finally, I got my promotion to Director of Marketing! I now have data, insights, and a planning framework that I can use to set our strategy, plus so many learnings I can’t wait to share with my company – there’s a lot of valuable stuff that cropped up through the work I did during SME.

Wes Quintin
Marketing Manager, Avanti Software

"My boss has been really impressed with the strategic lens I've put on things."

After SaaS Marketing Essentials, my CEO has taken more notice of my work, and he’s challenged me to continue performing at this new level. My boss has been really impressed with the strategic lens I’ve put on things, and I even have better working relationships with other departments, who I previously had interacted with very little.

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