SaaS Marketing Workshop:

Demystifying ‘Strategic Thinking’ for SaaS Marketers

What we cover in this workshop…

The birth of a product-first company:

  1. Product-first companies typically form from a founder’s “big idea” — a problem they notice and want to solve
  2. Product strategy (“how will we solve this problem?”) typically comes first, then business strategy (“how will we make money solving this problem?”)  evolves
  3. Marketing strategy requires visibility into:
    1. Decisions already made on the product and biz sides
    2. Understanding of the problem
    3. Understanding of the people willing to pay to solve the problem

The levels of marketing strategy:

  1. High-level marketing strategy
    1. Vision / mission / purpose << if not already established
    2. Competitive analysis
    3. Customer research
    4. Positioning Canvas
    5. Unique Selling Proposition
    6. Jobs to be Done / personas / proto-personas
    7. Customer journey mapping
    8. Brand guidelines, assets
  2. Campaign strategy
    1. “Campaign” here is defined as: an initiative designed to improve a specific piece of the customer experience
    2. Choosing which campaigns to launch depends on knowing which metrics are most important to stakeholders right now
    3. When you know your CEO’s favorite metric, you can plan relevant campaigns accordingly and make a strong case for them
    4. Sample purpose of a campaign / initiative:
      1. We need to…convert X% more of our website traffic into leads
  3. Channel / tactical strategy
    1. There are 19 core channels you can use to develop a campaign
    2. Identify which channels are most likely to help you…
      1. Hit the targets set for your campaign
      2. With the most efficient use of time, money
  4. Tasks / execution
    1. Identify aaaaaaaall the little steps required
    2. This is where you need to start delegating, outsourcing, automating as much as possible

Apologies for the technical difficulties toward the end — a sudden power outage took Gia by surprise (womp, womp).


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About The Workshop Hosts 👋

Claire Suellentrop

While serving as Director of Marketing and employee #2 at Calendly, Claire helped the product grow from a few thousand users to over 400k monthly users, with revenue climbing to millions in ARR.

She now runs Love Your Customers, where she helps high-growth SaaS companies get inside their customers’ heads and increase conversions along their sales, marketing, and onboarding funnels.

Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana Laudi

As an early employee and the VP of Marketing at Unbounce, Gia helped grow revenue by 900% in her first 3 years, scale her team from 1 to 35, and go from under $1M to $15.6M in ARR without any major funding. 

As a strategic advisor at her company A Better CX, she uses her 15 years of marketing experience to help high-growth SaaS companies scale their marketing, invest in their team, and drive serious business results

Together, Claire and Gia run Forget The Funnel where they help SaaS marketers be more effective with weekly workshops like these 👆 and in-depth training.

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