SaaS Marketing Workshop:

The Customer Data Flywheel For SaaS Marketers

Personalization is tough, and that’s because most companies don’t have enough customer data (or the correct customer data) to do personalization well. And it’s terrifyingly easy to get personalization wrong! We’ve all received one of those “Hey {{first_name}}” emails before, and it’s never a fun experience.

So in this workshop, Brianne Kimmel — SaaS investor & advisor, previously on the marketing teams at Expedia and Zendesk — is sharing The Customer Data Flywheel: a framework for figuring out…

  • What customer data you should be collecting
  • How to start gathering it, if you’re starting from scratch

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Brianne Kimmel, SaaS Investor & Advisor

As an early stage startup investor and advisor, Brianne helps companies with their first go-to-market strategy including pricing/packaging, customer development and self-serve revenue growth. She previously worked on the go-to-market team at Zendesk focused on product-led growth, partner integrations and built a program for startups. Brianne has taught over 5,000 students at General Assembly and advises venture-backed startups in Silicon Valley.

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