SaaS Marketing Workshop:

How to Navigate Company Politics & Have Hard Conversations at Work

One of the most pressing struggles we hear about from the thousands of marketers we’ve spoken with over the past year is: “I can’t get buy-in on my ideas. I can’t seem to establish my seat at the table. I feel like big marketing decisions are made without me.”

If you’re facing this situation at work, you’ll love this workshop with Asia Matos: Founder of DemandMaven, and previous holder of marketing leadership titles at several fast-growing SaaS companies. Asia’s got tons of firsthand experience navigating tricky company politics, having hard conversations with fellow department heads, and figuring out when to stand strong on an issue or project idea (vs. when to compromise).

Today, she’s sharing actionable tips to help you build stronger relationships with your colleagues across departments, remind those team members that you’re all working toward the same goals, and frame conversations in a way that gets you more yes’s.

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Asia Matos, Founder of DemandMaven

Asia founded her consultancy, DemandMaven, with one goal in mind: to help founders of early-stage SaaS companies & startups build their marketing engine and get their first 100 customers. Asia’s areas of expertise include: running paid advertising campaigns, optimizing marketing websites, and creating onboarding flows to attract the right visitors, keep trials coming in, create insanely happy customers.
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