How to Develop and Advocate for a B2B SaaS Content Strategy

March 3, 2021

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Adrienne Barnes

B2B SaaS Content Strategist

As a content strategy consultant for B2B SaaS companies, Adrienne Barnes knows an effective content program is about so much more than just writing and hitting "publish." For her (and for the companies she works with), it all starts with gathering customer & audience insight — and from there, mapping that insight to what content is needed to reach her clients' revenue goals.

If you're responsible for leading strategic work and getting stakeholders on board — whether as a consultant or freelancer, or a marketing leader employed full-time — you don't want to miss this discussion with Adrienne. In this conversation, we go behind the scenes with Adrienne to hear:

  • How content strategy for B2B SaaS differs from strategies needed for other niches, business models, and audiences
  • How Adrienne actually gathers the customer & audience data needed (step by step) to inform a solid strategy
  • How she positions the research phase of her work to get buy-in from stakeholders
  • How she develops and advocates for an editorial calendar, based on a strategy she's proposed

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Adrienne Barnes

As a B2B SaaS content strategist with a strong focus on customer-centricity, Adrienne combines audience and customer research with SEO best practices to produce content strategies, buyer personas, UX design insights, and content pieces for her clients.

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