[Live Replay] Identifying & Prioritizing Your SaaS' Best Opportunity for Growth

May 20, 2020

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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

Forget The Funnel

As we all attempt to adapt our strategies in the wake of COVID-19, many SaaS businesses are finding themselves in one of these scenarios:

  • Total famine: website traffic and new business have completely bottomed out
  • Near famine: traffic, trials and customers are still coming in, but it's a slog
  • Feast: demand has exceeded what the team can handle

Whichever the case may be for your business, you can't afford to have people on the team pulling in different directions right now. It's never been more important to prioritize how you spend your time and resources — you've gotta be laser focused on your highest ROI opportunities.

Should you be repositioning within your existing market? Building awareness in a new market? Better engaging the people already visiting your site? Reducing friction in your onboarding process?

Find the answers during this Live Q&A recording, in which we address what to do if...

  • Traffic to your website has stalled
  • Trial signups have slowed
  • Trial users aren't activating or converting to new customers at the rate they used to
  • Existing customers are cancelling

Catch the live replay below.


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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

When it comes to growing multi-million dollar SaaS businesses, we’ve seen what works. Both separately and together, we've built best-in-class brands from the ground up and played key roles in revenue growth. While our background stories may differ — Gia’s a Canadian who’s been marketing since 2000; Claire’s an American whose marketing career began in 2012 — we’re united in wanting to support those growing SaaS companies, and to provide resources they need to step up as strategic leaders. You can learn more about us here.

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