How to Quickly Create a Killer SaaS Value Proposition

May 1, 2019

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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

Forget The Funnel

Your SaaS value proposition: it's way more than just a clever headline for your website.

Your value prop is responsible for quickly proving...

  • How your product is relevant
  • How your product is valuable
  • How your product is better than a your target market's current solution

Whew... that's a lot of pressure riding on one short phrase — and on the marketer responsible for writing it. 😬

That's why, in this workshop, we share a step-by-step process for getting outside the 'echo chamber' of your office, and into your best customers' heads: so you can craft a SaaS value proposition that captures your website visitors' attention & keeps them on the page, eager to learn more.

We also share the templates you'll need to run this process — keep in mind, they're just a few of the dozens of templates included in our training program, SaaS Marketer Essentials.

UPDATE: SaaS Marketer Essentials has been replaced by our pro membership which includes the Customer-Led Growth program. Learn more about our memberships.

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Georgiana Laudi & Claire Suellentrop

When it comes to growing multi-million dollar SaaS businesses, we’ve seen what works. Both separately and together, we've built best-in-class brands from the ground up and played key roles in revenue growth. While our background stories may differ — Gia’s a Canadian who’s been marketing since 2000; Claire’s an American whose marketing career began in 2012 — we’re united in wanting to support those growing SaaS companies, and to provide resources they need to step up as strategic leaders. You can learn more about us here.

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