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Retention Optimization: How to 10x Growth Through Customer Marketing

Brian Balfour once referred to retention as “the silent killer.” After all, poor retention is what causes companies — even those seeing a hockeystick increase in new MRR — to suddenly shut down, despite a seemingly bright future.

Thankfully, Tara Robertson, Sprout Social’s Director of Marketing Strategy, knows a thing or two about reducing churn before it’s too late. She’s led teams to boost ARR by millions — solely through marketing to existing customers (and without spending a dime on acquisition).

In this workshop, she’s breaking down her process for you 🏆

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About The Workshop Host 👋

Tara Robertson, Director of Marketing Strategy at Sprout Social

Tara Robertson is the Director of Marketing Strategy at Sprout Social and has a love for all things inbound and digital marketing. With over 15 years of experience, she has consulted for hundreds of companies on marketing strategy and execution. Prior to Sprout, Tara was VP of Marketing at Hotjar and VP of Marketing & Creative Services for TSL Marketing, a digital marketing agency. As a self-proclaimed digital nerd, she loves connecting the dots between psychographics and data to produce kickass results.
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