SaaS Marketing Workshop:

How to Get Your Boss to Stop Micro-Managing You

When Len Markidan, CMO at Podia, shared his slides as we prepared for this workshop…I about lost my mind.

He’s jumped deep into the nitty gritty, tactical details of one of our favorite topics: how to get your boss to finally trust you, so you can take on exciting projects that actually drive results for the business (…and look like the leader that you really are).

I wish someone had sent me the link to this workshop…like 10 years ago.


Watch The Workshop 👇

About The Workshop Host 👋

Len Markidan, CMO at Podia

Len Markidan is the CMO of Podia, a platform for creators to sell online courses, membership sites and digital downloads. Previously, he was Head of Marketing for 5 years at Groove, where he helped grow the business from $0 to over $500K in monthly revenue with content marketing. Len has consulted for clients like Prudential, Chegg, Jet.com, Groupon, Healthline and more. and his work has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur. Len writes a weekly newsletter for his Inner Circle, and you can find him on Twitter at @LenMarkidan.
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