How Notion Leverages Customer Segmentation and the Power of Community to Fuel Growth

August 5, 2020

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Camille Ricketts

Head of Marketing at Notion

We sat down with Camille Ricketts, Head of Marketing at Notion, to go behind-the-scenes on how the team thinks about customer segmentation for a product with seemingly endless use cases.

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that lets users take notes, manage projects, share documents, and collaborate with others, particularly across remote teams. In just two years, Notion has acquired over 1M users and a $2 billion valuation—no small feat for a group of 50 employees.

In this interview, we investigate how segmentation helps the team create unique experiences within marketing, product, and onboarding. We also get into the strategy Camille used to build and support a community of evangelists and super users.

You'll get a behind the scenes perspective on:

  • [01:36] How the team arrived at the three customer segments and what that journey looked like in practice
  • [07:42] How the marketing team developed positioning and messaging that differentiates the product in a crowded SaaS segment 
  • [24:03] How Notion empowers, supports, and connects with its community of super users
  • [38:06] The challenges of having a super-engaged community
  • [42:58] How the team built and empowers its ambassador program

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Camille Ricketts

Camille Ricketts is a pioneering content marketer, storyteller, and wordsmith. Her work at First Round Capital's blog, First Round Review, revolutionized content marketing for the Venture Capital industry. Now Camille leads marketing at Notion, the all-in-one workspace for notes, docs, databases, wikis, and more.

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