Mastering Customer Engagement, Retention & Monetization with Justine Jordan

January 6, 2021

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Justine Jordan

Head of Marketing at Wildbit

It's well-understood that improving your customer retention and monetization has a huge impact on revenue in SaaS —  more than acquiring more new customers.

Justine Jordan has led marketing and growth at multiple SaaS companies, including ExactTarget (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Litmus, Help Scout and more recently, Wildbit. In these roles, she's spent a ton of time thinking about how to ensure that existing customers are truly engaged and getting continued value long-term.

Knowing how critical this is to SaaS growth and even survival, we were chatting with Justine recently about how she does this as a marketing leader, and decided we had to have her share her wisdom on Forget The Funnel.  So in this conversation, Justine joins us to share the behind-the-scenes of planning and executing customer engagement, retention and monetization programs.

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Justine Jordan

Justine is a different kind of marketer who eschews traditional short-term tactics and favors long-term sustainable results. With deep expertise in design, brand, content, event, and email marketing (she was named “Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year” by the DMA in 2015), she’s grown along teams as Manager of Design Solutions for ExactTarget (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud), VP of Marketing at Litmus, and CMO at Help Scout. She cares deeply about creating aspirational brands, advocating and empowering practitioners in their trades, and creating customer-first interactions that ultimately drive loyalty, community, and evangelism.

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