Example: Multi-Product Company Brand Guidelines [PDF]

November 28, 2018

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Fadeke Adegbuyi

Marketing Manager of Social Media & Content at Doist

If your company offers multiple products, use this example brand guideline doc (from multi-product SaaS company Doist) to establish, at the strategic level, how each of your products connects to your overall brand's mission statement, brand position, and core values.

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Fadeke Adegbuyi

Fadeke is the Marketing Manager of Social Media & Content at Doist, the creators of Todoist and Twist. She takes a user-driven approach to content strategy and crafts micro and long-form content about productivity, remote work, and team communication. Passionate about the intersection between humans and technology, she's often perusing blogs and Twitter threads for the latest on thoughtful startups, the future of work, and viral memes.

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