SaaS Marketing Workshop:

The Most Valuable SaaS Customer Everyone Forgets

Let’s say you’re tasked with growing your company’s MRR…but you’re feeling completely overwhelmed at the thought of doing more TOFU (top-of-funnel) stuff.

After all, driving more traffic & signups each month probably requires more money, and/or more time, and/or more people than you have available. 😩 So what’s a strapped SaaS marketer supposed to do, to move the needle on MRR?

Thankfully, Val Geisler‘s got your back. Val is a seasoned SaaS email marketing strategist — and in this workshop, she’s sharing some of her tried-and-true methods for…

  • Increasing the LTV of your paying, but least-engaged (read: most likely to churn) customers
  • Winning back cancelled customers

After all, if the probability of selling to a new customer is between 5-20%, while selling to your existing customers is upwards of 60% (!) — then isn’t tending to your current & past customers a no-brainer?

Do yourself a favor: watch Val’s workshop to see how you could grow your company’s MRR, without hunting for new customers.

Watch The Workshop 👀

About The Workshop Host 👋

Val Geisler, Email Marketing Conversion Copywriter & Strategist

Val Geisler is a lifecycle email strategist and retention specialist. With an obsession for customer communication, Val spent over a decade inside companies from non-profits to 7-figure businesses to tech startups. She brings her background in digital strategy, CX, and content creation to her clients every day.
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