SaaS Marketing Workshop:

How to Report & Analyse Your SaaS Marketing Performance

Ever found yourself pulling your hair out when it’s time to report on the results of your marketing campaigns? If so, Edward Ford is your guy.

As Marketing Director of Supermetrics, Edward knows a thing or two about reporting efficiently and effectively — i.e., in a way that demonstrates the impact of your work, rather than overwhelming your boss with raw data.

In this workshop, Edward provides super-actionable tips to help you…

  • Set a realistic reporting cadence
  • Build a reporting dashboard you’ll actually use
  • Use visualizations to help you + your leadership team reach “aha” moments faster
  • Avoid being too data-driven (and potentially missing the bigger picture!)

Watch The Workshop 👀

About The Workshop Host 👋

Edward Ford, Marketing Director at Supermetrics

As Marketing Director at Supermetrics, Edward heads up inbound customer acquisition, content marketing, and product marketing. He’s an expert in SaaS Marketing Strategy and hosts The Growth Hub Podcast, a podcast all about B2B SaaS marketing & growth.
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