How to Create a Laser-Sharp Product Messaging Strategy

October 9, 2019

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Nandini Jammi

Product Messaging Strategist

If you caught our recent workshop with Alex Birkett, you might recall the concept of "aligning vectors." The basic idea was: if people on a team are working toward the same goal, they'll create a much greater impact than each person working in different directions, toward different goals.

When working toward different goals, the team's overall focus becomes scattered — and impact decreases.

This same concept applies to the messaging used to describe your product: when messages vary across channels (your website, vs nurture emails, vs content marketing, vs ad campaigns, etc.), it becomes much more difficult for your audience to understand...

  • What your product is
  • How it's better than alternatives
  • Why they should care

Thankfully, Nandini (conversion copywriter & product messaging expert) is here to share her framework for crafting high-impact messaging and keeping it consistent across your customers' experience.

During Nandini's workshop, you'll also see real examples of SaaS companies executing on messaging properly (and improperly), so you can assess where your own messaging might need to improve.

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Nandini Jammi

Nandini Jammi is a copywriter and product messaging expert. She specializes in helping B2B companies launch new products and reposition existing ones. She is also Founding Organizer at Sleeping Giants, the Webby-award winning social media campaign dedicated to making bigotry less profitable. She was named by Business Insider as one of 23 industry leaders “fixing” digital advertising in 2018 and has been recognized as one of 30 women shaping the B2B marketing space.

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